Chip Chop!

Chip Chop! is a rapidly growing label that has made a big splash onto the Australian fashion scene since it’s beginning in early 2006.

It is the brain child of designer, Hannah Chipkin and reflects her colourful, left of field perspective on all things big and small – making things that speak to like-minded people.

A delicate mix of thoughtful design, bold prints, romance, word play, and most importantly, a tight aesthetic, gives Chip Chop! its touch of magic. Best known for their off beat canvas totes, washed denim bags and iconic, well fitting cotton tees, Chip Chop! has gained its fair share of media attention, boutique interest and some very obsessed fans.

With an exclusive and sell-out collection for Sportsgirl under her belt, and many collaborations in the pipelines, Chip Chop! is a label to watch.

(Excerpt Chip Chop! Website)